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To succeed in scaling and building a network of trust using blockchain technology, on which multiple actors such as government, citizens, corporate and industry, world bodies, etc. can participate, an organization is needed that is focused on connecting all these multiple actors to the blockchain platforms, the blockchain applications, and the blockchain ecosystems.

Many blockchain organizations exist focusing on either the application layer or the platform layer or the ecosystem or the users but none is focused on how these layers should interface and interact between them.

This is why GBO exists – to foster the interoperability between the Applications, the Platforms, the Ecosystems, and the end-users so that a scalable interoperable network of trust is built. There is no need to re-invent the wheel and duplicate what is already developing at these individual layers through many organizations working on it. A meta-view is required to act as a catalyst to build global blockchain networks. It is the main goal of GBO to make the human institutions of trust and the blockchain technology to work together in creating a better infrastructure of social, economic, and governance interaction that is fair, participatory, and inclusive to all of humanity.

Need for GBO

GBO Value Proposition

Platform for Governments, Businesses, Investors, Start-up innovators, and other stakeholders to engage in socio-economic advancement using Blockchain

Interface and interoperability between the Blockchain Platforms, Applications, Ecosystems and how they connect to End-users

Three decades of Geo-political legacy of parent organizations to foster Blockchain Diplomacy.

Scaling the deployment and adoptability of Blockchain Technology by taking a Meta-View without reinventing the wheel

Objective of GBO

Governance & Regulations

  • Institutional Diplomacy, e.g. Central Bank
  • Govt Diplomacy: City, State and Federal level
  • Interface and Liaison with Multilateral World bodies & Blockchain Organizations

Best Practices & Implementation

  • Best practices for Deployment
  • Open source Implementations
  • Connecting investments and opportunities
  • Connecting Expertise with the need

Awareness & Education

  • Partnerships: Academic institutions & Thinktanks
  • Developing certification programs
  • Partnerships: Blockchain focused events
  • Evangelizing and thought leadership


Activities & Initiatives

  • Roundtables for forming Policy Initiatives with Public & Private Sector Representatives
  • Developing model regulations & practices for blockchain use and deployment in Public and Private sectors
  • Exchange learnings from pilot and product deployments – what worked, what didn’t work and why.
  • Identify and promote adoption of Blockchain in good governance
  • Form working alliance and partnerships with Blockchain Orgs

Activities & Initiatives

  • Roundtable for knowledge exchange and learning of deployments among stakeholders
  • Collaboration with Stakeholders to identify use-cases and applications requiring best practices
  • Develop and publish best practices
  • Coordinate open source implementation of model use-cases
  • Best practices for secure deployment, ease of use, & auditing
  • Investment showcase
  • Blockchain Innovation
  • Public-Private Partnerships

Activities and Initiatives

  • Community outreach – Blogs, Forums, Webinars, Articles
  • Certification Programs – GBO will partner with institutions develop syllabus and impart training
  • Awareness Initiatives – Newsletters, Case Studies, Research Papers
  • Networking Initiatives – Workshops, Conferences, Focus Group Discussions
  • Education Programs – In Partnership with Universities, and MOOCs
  • Establish thinktanks
  • Create GBO fellowship


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