GBO Official Launch

11th December, 2019 Oslo, Norway

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About GBO


We envisages blockchain as the empowering backbone of the new Alternative Development Model (ADM) framework, therefore, have created the Global Blockchain Organization (GBO)- an organization that will bring together Governments, Corporations, Blockchain Industry Experts, Blockchain Associations and other stakeholders that will shape the future of the blockchain through process, regulation and universal compliance towards Blockchain for Humanity.

Global Blockchain Organization
Global Blockchain Organization


GBO will work towards the mission of simplifying and enhancing the adoption and proper utilization of blockchain technologies in ADM compliant applications including but not limited to Governance, Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Finance and Energy. This will empower Governments and Businesses across the world to have access to decentralized, democratized and collaborative system towards a new techno-economic order. ​​

GBO Events

GBO Pre Launch

Malta AI and Blockchain Summit
6 -7 PM on 6th Nov 2019

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GBO Official Launch

Oslo, Norway
11th December, 2019

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GBO Pre Launch Ceremony - AIBC Malta